Yesterday and Today #soemajust

WARNING: this post was typed YESTERDAY but due to me not smaaking it has now been postponed until today….duh #figureitoutdumbo

So…..yesterday started off great and then it went all kinda weird,and then busy.

Yesterday (the nutshell version)
– Went for an interview chat
– Saw a few of my old colleagues aka VERY good friends
– Went back to work
– Had a crazy busy day
– Had to deal with some wackadoo
– Started thinking about certain people
– Started thinking about how I need to get a move on
-Realised that some be bitches

Today (the nutshell version)
– Oh.My.Fuck! How busy my bru #whew
-Haven’t had lunch yet,just a yoghurt #healthymuch
– My eyes are burning….it’s like they’ve seen something super wrong and totes gross #eeuuww
– I smaak to eat a lekker dite #lol #socoloured… ribs or pizza with avo on

So,basically the past 2 days have been crazier. Today crazier than yesterday. I guess you gotta have a crazy day to go with a crazy personality #realise

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