Why I Use EarthSap & Why You Should Too

For awhile now, I have been using a brand called EarthSap. It is a brand and product that I stand firmly behind because of the smell and the “stay”

What I mean by the “stay” is that alot of the products one uses now adays, their smell or stay of smell does not last very long and when you’re done uses the product as intended, it does not bode very well in the long run.

What do I love about EarthSap products?

  • They are Natural
  • They are Vegan
  • They are Proudly South African (I 100% back Proudly SA brands)
  • They are Not Tested On Animals (hurray for cruelty free!)
  • They do not use dyes , synthetic fragrances or SLES/SSL
  • They do not contain Artificial preservatives, phosphates ,petrochemicals , chlorine or bleach
  • They are 100% biodegradable

I have been using their body wash whilst showering and I am inlove with the smell and how long it’s kept me. It’s been under 2 months now and my bottle is still 3 quarters full #amazing

The other product that I am using is their laundry powder and at first I was skeptical because how was this environmentally friendly product suppose to keep my clothes clean and make me happy? Well, hot damn, it did!

Next time you do a load of laundry, smell your clothing and I can guarantee you, it will smell like nothing! With EarthSap, your clothing comes out smelling like a babies fart; if baby fart smelt like flowers and happiness.

The last product of the expansive range that I had the privilege of trying out was the concentrated cleaner. Not going to lie, thought it was sort of like a Handy Andy; kinda disappointed when I squirted it out and it was more of a clear liquid. And then my disappointment slowly creeped back in because it is FUCKING AMAZIN! I’m not sure if you of you know but I have the most disgusting black ring around the bath. EarthSap Concentrated Cleaner did not take the black ring of death away, but it has slowly but surely helped it turn into a lighter grey ring of almost there sunshine.

All EarthSap products can be bought online at these retailers

Wellnesss Warehouse

Faithful to Nature

Essentially Natural

Organic Choice



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