What If I Make A Mistake Raising You

What if I make a mistake in my raising you?

What if you don’t turn out to be a good human?

Because I know you’re alot like me, I know that I’ll make alot of mistakes

I know you’ll be shy, selfish and have insecurities

I know you’ll be defiant, bossy and have loads of questions

I know, that you too, will make mistakes

But what if I make the biggest one?

The one where I cannot steer you in the right direction?

Where I fail to protect you?

Where I fall short of guidance?

What if I make the worst mistake?

Letting you rule?

For 5 you’re headstrong

I do not hit you

I do not shout at you

Is this a lackluster way of non – discipline?

Should I discipline you?

To give myself a 50 / 50 chance of getting this right?

What if I raise you and you turn out meh?

You have no compassion?

No empathy?

What if I make the mistake as a parent to not raise a good child?

How do I make sure you stay good (ish)?

My child, what if I make a mistake?


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