Well wishes

It is officially the 26 December 2014 and most probably my last post for the year. The one to end it all:'(

I just want to take a moment to wish everybody well for the New Year. I loathe those BC’s and last minute word vomits #eeuuww 😷

I hope that wherever you wish to be in the future,that you’ll find your footing in 2015. That this will be your year,whatever it is that you decided.

I hope that all your wishes come true ; whatever they may be. That you are able to walk tall and be proud of the 2015 You!

I pray for every success in your life,personally and professionally. As a friend of mine says, I hope you find your pure bliss 😉 #claytoncashcasimali

I hope that you make 2015 a million times better,not missing any opportunity to go for something. Climb that mountain top and claim your prize.

Whatever blessings are about to be bestowed upon you,I pray that you embrace it with open arms.

For new love – I pray for endurance.
For old (but always new love) – I pray for understanding.

Always realise that you are strong and beautiful/handsome. This is your chance to be better than the last you. Start a trend. Sing a song. Be a motivator and stay determined.

Hard work pays off – make time for commitment #shabiersulaiman

This life isn’t made of handouts and nothing is ever free #thereisalwaysapricetopay

Don’t get down and out. Appreciate the beauty in it all and appreciate the beauty in you.

2015 is the year for flaws #letsstartafashiontrend #flawsarebeauty #flawsareme

Never give up. There will always be someone, somewhere saying ‘ I wish’. You are that wish – make it worth it.

I do sincerely hope that you do well and make you proud. Go forth and prosper. Sow those seeds. Prune your lawn.

Do something incredible or do something ordinary #nojudgement just make sure you do something.

It’s now or never, let’s make 2015 your bitch😮:D😄😈😇😒

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