We Love You Pa

The 8th of May was the first time I wrote about losing you. Today we said goodbye.

We were granted, by the grace of God, a few more precious months where we were able to savour every waking moment with you.

I had plans today, to come and see you. Talk to you a bit and sing you our favorite song. You wouldn’t let me. You passed away 30 minutes after midnight, an hour after I fell asleep. Like some cruel joke. I woke up to the anguished cries of my mother and I knew. I just knew. I just sat on the edge of the bed, not knowing what to do. Eventually getting up to comfort her, but where were my tears? Have I already grieved you? What an injustice! I sit here now, 3 hours or so after hearing the news, showered, hair clean and dressed, not knowing what to do with myself. Not tired enough to go sleep and so restless that I’m walking around, aimlessly.

We will miss you Pa. We do miss you. I will be forever grateful for the role you played in my life and that of my child.

Soar among the birds, safe in the arms of your Father.

It is harder to lose someone you’ve come to love than to lose someone you know to love

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