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Happy Friday Bitches!!!!!
Firstly, I’d like to thank all those people who commented and liked on my blog this past week.
Between the 2 of us, my blog has gotten more action than I have these past 4 years 🙂
This post is for everyone who commented on my post of Wednesday. It’s a story of sorts
Mom, dad and I are sitting downstairs, on the stairs, and we call the fulprit down. Fulprit comes down and we ask if he has seen an envelope,of course his answer is “No”
We ask if he has seen my mom’s ring (went missing in November of last year), to which the response becomes epic and we all achieve faces like “WWHHAATT!”
“Are you talking about your gold ring with the diamond in it?”
Folks! We have a thief!!!!!!! Alert the fuckin police……..
Seriously, no one told him what the ring looks like so how did he know it was that specific ring?
My mother has like a gazillion rings – the only way she was able to explain to my father what ring was missing was by showing him my ring (it’s quite similar)
And THEN!!!!! we went through the house and anointed it…..as we do
*apologies for jumping through this story* #sorrynotsorry
Now, normally before I head off to bed for the night. I leave my bags in the lounge, ya’ know, coz I’m forgetful as fuck!
I leave money in my bag coz I’m also a major snack bitch
Yesterday morning, I proceeded to discover that my LAST 2 notes of 2016 (2 R10’s) were gone……..like the wind
Yor! I was just like “can you freakin not?”
Now, you’re probably thinking ” How can you accuse this 13 year old?”
Well,because he was the only fucker in the house and I know that my old ass parents wouldn’t just take my money, especially when they know it’s for petrol
I was actually pretty damn proud of myself for keeping that money for so long and not spending it


So, that’s it ladies & gents
No fessing up but we all know the truth
I am so disappointed that I can’t even look at him
Makes me lekker jas

23 thoughts on “Update | Moral Dilemma

  1. How frustrating! I think it’s always more vindicating when someone who has wronged you confesses, but at this point when you know it HAS to be him and he has been making suspect purchases there’s really no joy in having to stew in your fury while the little fulprit thinks he has gotten away with it. (I might be stealing fulprit in the future, just fyi 😉 )

  2. That is a tough situation! Especially if the person doesn’t own up to their offenses. I would try to protect my stuff as much as possible but also know that I shouldn’t have to live like that. Good luck!

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