I write (type actually) as an outlet. I am not here to be your friend. I am not here to make you laugh. I am here to be relateable. I am here to be honest. I might not win the most awards or have the most followers or even subscribers but what I have is honesty. I have an outlook on life,my life, that is honest and sometimes crass. What I say is not always swallowed easily but I never promised easy. I promised Athena. I promised the me that many of you don’t know. I promised to be honest,no matter the outcome. I’ve said this on previous posts and I have preached this on my Insta – I AM NOT HERE TO BE LIKED. Yes, it is nice to see my blog stats move up a bit when I post something, not as much I would like though,but I like that I have a few followers. The few that follow me because they care and are interested, even if it’s just to skim over the post. I appreciate the people who make an effort. Those that subscribe. I appreciate you and your participation. I do. 

**disclaimer: all pics are courtesy of 9gag, pinterest, facebook,tumblr or just plain ol’ google 👍

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