Untitled Post because coming up with titles is a bitch

I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks, hell; months even!
I just haven’t had the time and I decided to make the time
In traffic
Listening to music
This post will most probably not be as awesome as I had planned
Ideas always seem to run better in my head than on paper
Seriously though?
Have you ever just sat and be ridiculously grateful?
This vessel that carries you around
Breathes for you
Pisses and shits for you
Makes sure you don’t fucking die!
It’s amazing
Hear me when I say this
Your body is amazing!
Wobbly tummy
Saggy tits
Flat ass
All of it
Every single inch of that curvaceous body
That hair? Damn son!
Get to knowing how to appreciate the fine specimen you are
Take a moment and appreciate all you are
I’m not saying you should rip your clothes off and prance around naked
Appreciate YOUR functions
Breathing! Who taught your radical body to do that? It’s doing a damn good job of making sure you don’t die!
Who taught it to empty it’s bowels? Did you? Your body is doing a great job of keeping you regular!
Making sure your emotions are ON.POINT!
Take a long damn look
Your body is amazing, right?
Appreciate it
Love it
And stop being so damn hard on yourself
Your body has done so much for you
Alive and well? Thanx body
Coughing? Thanx body
Got your period? Thanx body
Took a shit before a big date? Thanx body
The small things we take for granted
Thanx body
#BodyAppreciationDay #JustMadeUpADay


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