To The Man Who Walked Out On My Child

I say “my child” because I have been, single handedly, raising her
I have been feeding her
I have been clothing her

Your contribution has been non existent
Your presence has been non existent
I prefer it that way
To the man who walked out on my child circa 2013, it’s been 3 years and some since you last saw her
Have you seen my pictures on social media?
Have you been following me on Instagram?
Do you even know that she’ll be turning 4 years old this year? This month infact.
People say I’m caught up with you. Still inlove.
They could be wrong. They are wrong.
The only thing you stir inside of me is anger. Hate.
Just the possibility of you being that guy in the store window sends me spiralling and my entire day is ruined.
Bad mood Betty as they say.
To the man who walked away and out of my child’s life, just 7 months shy of her 2nd birthday.
She doesn’t need you.
She has a bad ass mom.
She has bad ass role modelly type grandparents.
She has the most bad ass strong and loving male role models.
She doesn’t need to know you don’t care.
She doesn’t need to know who you are.
What she needs to know is that she is loved.
By more people than she can imagine.
She need only know that this was your choice.
From the beginning.
To stay away.
Not from me but from her.
Yet she has never done anything to harm you or hurt you.
She does not owe you anything and I will teach her that running after a man, any man, is not what she shoulf be doing.
I am teaching her to be strong. I am teaching her to be independent and not to take crap from anyone.
She deserves a better life.
She need not know why you left.
I do not even know.
You did not throw her away. You threw her to the wolves.
Her mama is the pack leader and like me, she will come out of this STRONGER and WISER.
She is my child and she will rise.


6 thoughts on “To The Man Who Walked Out On My Child

  1. Surround her with love and happiness and be prepared for the many questions one day. It’s not easy knowign that someone rejected your child, and it takes an exceptionally strong woman to hold it all together when her child has been dismissed by the very person who should indeed be going to the ends of the world for her. I empathise with you and get this, all this anger, I totally get it, but let it not consume you. All the best!

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