This Week

It’s only the 2nd week of the working week and WOWZA, ek is moeg jong!

This has probably been the busiest I’ve been in the past few months and there are loads of things on the way #yayness

In the industry I’m in and the specific company,it is for sure our busy season and it’s nice, but with all ups,for damn sure there has to be a down 🙁

I am not,according to the big bosses,friendly or whatever when I answer the phone. Yes people, I am a receptionist. I now have to answer the phone like someone who was just laughing or someone who is very much on drugs. In most cases,it will be the latter.

I am not a ‘smiler’…. not even a little bit. I’m a laugher and then klaar. Don’t ask too much from my face – it isn’t made for fake expressions. I can’t plak on kak. My face just does it’s own shit and damn man!, it sure is hard to be all pretending and what not.

My face is honest. I’m honest. Yes yes I know I’m the voice of the company but heerie fuck,I’m doing the best.

My face isn’t some expensive molding fuckin clay. It’s that cheap kak you get from Pep. The kind that can’t be molded into any fuckin thing coz it’s too taai. It’s the old prestik. It’s the bubblegum under a chair (which my child actually eats,and the prestik).

Please! I haven’t genuinely smiled in ages….I’m a laugher, like a fuckin for real LOL kinda gevriet.

Don’t change it


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