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If you follow me on social media, you’d know that I had a #SecretEasterGiveaway and because of my over excitedness – I decided to announce the winner earlier than 14 April 2017.
Also, below is a blogpost on the sponsor of the #SecretEasterGiveaway and a little reveal
A bit late but #SecretEasterGiveaway sponsor is HeyCasey!

Hey Casey! is an online store in South Africa that designs and prints trendy and customized phone case covers.

The BossLady is Michell and I am OBSESSED with Instagram pics #Goddess. She started Hey Casey! early in 2016. Her team consists of a bunch of pretty spectacular girls that are serious about fun. They love crazy patterns, bright colors, quirky sayings and pretty things. Tharien (who I have dealt with personally and is a #Doll) is the Office Manager and basically runs the ship. The graphic designer, Narina, is constantly coming up with quirky and fun designs that our customers love! Zandrie is the wiz that does most of the printing, with our UV Printer dubbed Casey, who can sometimes be very temperamental – the printer not Zandrie #laughsfordays. ? And then there is Loveness, that ensures our orders are packed and ready for the courier to collect in time for us to keep our 48 hour dispatch promise to our customers.

I have been dealing with HeyCasey! for the past 2 months and I am inlove with the staff and their customer service
Coming back to you? Impeccable!
Craziness? Outstanding!
If ever there was a #ProudlySA brand to support, then HeyCasey! is it

To follow the crew of Hey Casey, click on the links below
HeyCasey Facebook Page
HeyCasey Instagram Page

Pop on over to my Instagram page to find out who the winner of the HeyCasey! competition is

Oh, hey – there are 2 winners!

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