This Is The Title Because I Couldn't Figure Out A Better One




Overtired & Overmothered.

You’ve heard of that right? Please tell me you’ve experienced it. You’ve heard of being overtired. So tired that you cannot fall asleep. So overworked that you cannot work anymore. Your brain is done! 

Let me introduce to you my version of “Overmothered” 

It’s the sucky part of motherhood where you crumple down in a big fat unkempt pile of tears. Like you’ve done so much mothering that you cannot begin to think of what other sort of mothering you could do today. It’s the frustration of motherhood that builds up and spews out through your tearducts. It’s the single most important part of motherhood. Where you get to admit all your faults and realise that this might be it. This might be the moment when you throw in the towel and say “Fuck This” “Fuck All Of This”

It’s the epitome of Motherhood, I guess. The moment we all just decide to give up, even if only for 10 minutes. A moment to sit back and just woosah. Remind yourself why you love the little nuggets so much. 

Overmothering. Please tell me it’s a thing.

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