Things That Piss Me Off

You know, there are just some things in life that rub you the wrong way. Make you want to shout. Ya’ know. Well here’s my list. Short but still qualifies.

When someone doesn’t say “Bless You” after a sneeze. Like what have I done to you huh?

When someone walks slow AS FUCK and they were in such a rush to “overtake” you.
Like why are you trying to kill me?

When assholes drive like, well, assholes.
How freakin hard is it to drive? Like properly? Huh?

When they invade your personal space.
I’m talking standing in the shopping line and dick on ass. Like all up in dat ass…..

When people mistake your Resting Bitch Face for, well, just plain ol’ Bitch Face.
It’s not my fault. It’s not. I do enjoy my RBF

It’s like people lose all sense of direction when they have to navigate a trolley when shopping at Checkers or whatever

When people don’t reply.
I don’t care if WhatsApp shows the blue ticks. I don’t care if I can see that you read my message. Just reply. Ok. Okay. K. Just iets ok. Acknowledgement ne

When people say (about your child’s tantrums), “Agh, she/he is just tired.”
No fucker! NAUGHTY! Just plain stout. Just fuckin work on my last vag hair naughty!

When people,especially my brother, uses my room as a alleyway from outside to inside
Just fuckin people man!

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