The Unseeable

I feel your hands wrap around my neck as I remain completely calm

A panic rises inside me

A scream wanting to escape but I know there is no one to save me

I adjust my shirt and for a brief moment I feel relief

Only to have you wrap your hands around my neck


Slowly now

I am not sure if I imagining this or is this darkness a reality

Where has it come from

Where has my brightness escaped

I feel like shouting “I’m getting choked” but I know that this is only my imagination

They cannot see me struggle

They cannot feel my anxiety and desperation rise

Why am I feeling this cloak of darkness shade me

Why are you hurting me?

What are you trying to prove?

Have I somehow veered off course?

You slowly loosen your grip but not enough for me to forget that you’re still there

A panic sets in

Something gnaws at my insides

Reminding me of what once was

You’re still here

I feel you

I know it’s only my imagination

I know they cannot see you

They would think I’m crazy if I spoke

The unseeable

I feel you, choking me

And I want to give in

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