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That’s a thought I had at work earlier. All my blogposts are written on the road,as they say,so I probably should’ve had ‘travelling’ somewhere in my blog title.
Now,I don’t post daily because well,I’m a busy individ.  I will try to post ATLEAST twice a week.
On that note,today it’s a very special someone’s birthday. No,not mine 🙂
It’s a 4 year friendship that is so deeply personal that it’s actually disturbing. Trust me,you don’t want to know the things we’ve shared. His name is Ishrafiel Johaardien and I couldn’t have chosen anyone more compatible,in the friendship depart,than him.
It’s been a solid 4 months since I’ve seen his hairy Mindian ass so I’m for sure missing him and all that encompasses his craziness.

He probably won’t read this,but I love you dear friendo and I only wish you the happiest of birthdays


Til later,


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