The Motherhood Diaries: Fighting

So this has been one eventful weekend. Zineah was in a bad mood and mine wasn’t any better. She has been extra naggy and I put it down to her having some sort of viral infection. She has been fighting with me – I’m talking fist to face. More than once. I try to not react but apparently I am just a bundle of tears. I don’t like to raise my voice or hit her so I try to talk to her and make her understand what she does is wrong etc. I know there is something wrong with her. This is not like her. Not even a little. I think I might just take her to the doctor just to be safe. She probably has an infection that’s making her taatie. It’s either an infection or something else that’s making her lash out like this? Could it already be a sign of a broken home? She knows what a daddy is and she recognises that other kids have daddies. Could it be? I hope not.

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