The Mindless Facebook Generation

So I write this post this morning because one of my Faceboook friends “liked” a picture of my snot tissue

Like, just “liked’ it for the likeness of it

My mom commented, in typical “mom” fashion and told me go see a doctor maar die vriendin #facepalm

Just liked my snot tissue picture


Are we just scrolling through Facebook in the hopes that we will come across something we like, love or can laugh at so that we can press hold and provide our very short sigted opinion?

Instagram; it makes sense because Instagram was created for the sole purpose of photo sharing

Facebook; is like the personal version of a LinkedIn account – where you are supposed to share and interact with your “friends”, right?

The reason why I am posting this is because I just can’t seem to fathom why you would just blindly “like” a picture of my snot tissues?

It’s not a picture of anything particurlary interesting – it’s snot, literal snot on tissues; at the time of posting it was not even dry

This brings me to the incident that happened on 15 September……over the course of that weekend, I found out that the robbers were still using my phone and simcard; remembering that ALL my accounts were logged in on that phone, I proceeded to type up a Facebook post where I explicitly asked within the first 5 words that “friends” don’t “like” or “comment” because the robbers have my phone etc.

Guess what? Fucktards decided to go and “like” it


Why is it that we cannot follow a simple instruction?

Is it because we are so numb and dof that it makes “sense” to just hit like as you scroll?

You know, while you’re doing anything else; you might aswell

Don’t want me committing suicide because of a damn like

I just cannot fathom this generation and I am not talking about the YGeneration or Millenials but those that spend endless mindless hours scrolling through Facebook, looking for the latest “news” so that they can share their ever important “opinion”

As if a “like” was a 20c; something we’d so willingly let roll onto the dirty floor, without a second thought

Come on people! Think about what you like, who you like and what you share

Share when it is something of importance, if not to you then atleast something that might intrigue your “friend” but for the love of Pete!, read before you just throw your “likes” around like a stripper @ a strip club

Thanking you kindly,
Your Facebook Friend

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