The Minder Experiment | Guy One

Coz it’s Man – Tinder 🙂


What kind of phone do you have?

IPhone 5

How old are you?


Employed or studying?

Unemployed…about to start an internship soon

Have you ever been married?

No I have not

If you have answered NO to the above, what are your views on marriage?

It should be a monotonous relationship where two individuals complement each other in all things abstract and physically

What do you do in your free time?

I surf the web, read book, play xbox, sometimes contemplate the complexities of the universe (i.e go for a drive), catch up on news

How would you describe your personality?

Objective with a sense of humour

What is your biggest flaw?

I tend to overthink things

Are you a parent?

No I am not

Why Tinder?

Why Instagram? Why Facebook? Its just one those apps/social media forms one “just has to try”

Did you do any research on social dating sites before you chose Tinder?


Do you have more than ONE social dating site on your phone?


What do you want out of Tinder (choose one & delete the other. Please elaborate if you choose “serious dating”)?

I have chosen not to choose any of the options as I feel they are a bit restricted. What I aim to  “gain” from tinder is validation of a preconceived idea of how females (generalizing here) behave with this app

How long have you been on the Tinder scene?

Roughly 7-8 months (I think)

The world we live in is shallow and everything is based on what people see, or hear; so what makes you swipe left or right?

One can only swipe left or right based on what is provided so I swipe to what I see and whit I read (captions). Tinder is a “shallow” app

How do you think Tinder will help you in locating that special someone?

I don’t believe that tinder will help me locate that “special someone”. There are far too many options at ones disposal and if I were to believe that tinder could do such a thing it would lead me into thinking “what if the next one is the one?”

 How do you “approach” someone on Tinder? Are you a pick up line kinda guy or are you a straight shooter?

I try to approach someone if I was meeting them in person…so subtle things like, ask how that person is doing? How their day was, where they are from and if I sense there’s a genuine interest from this person, an effort is then attempted to keep in regular contact with this person

Have you actually ever met someone outside of Tinder?

No I have not

What’s easier? Swiping right or an actual face to face with a beauty across the bar?

Swiping right


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