The Line For Being A Bitter Bitch Is Over There

Have you ever been deleted from a group?
Not WhatsApp -you can creep back into that
A Facebook Group. A CLOSED Facebook group.
Forever deleted. Never to be mentioned again.

It happened to me.
Most probably a year ago.
Am I bitter? Still?
No. Not even a little bit but I am getting a friend of mine to post this onto the group and tag the intended.
I do not want my friend to get deleted,I just want to know why.
Like what have I ever done to you, as the admin of said group, to have you just mistreat me like that?
I mean, there was once upon a time when we actually chatted on a daily basis and then all of a sudden, disgarded,like the dog poop on the bottom of your shoe.
It’s just not fair and I just want to know “what did I do to you?”


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