The last 7 years… a nutshell


This post is a “spin off” on the previous post. The last 7 years of my life in a nutshell……………really

I’ll try and remember the small details and the not so important details. I’ll give you the just of my past ; and a glimpse into my future

I met my ex (daughter’s sperm donor #killmenow #backlash #spermdonor) in September 2010.
October 2010 we were dating.
December 2010, I was pregnant
January 2011, I had a miscarriage.
February 2011, he got me a puppy
If memory serves me right, we moved to JHB in 2011, for 3 months
I distinctively remember September 2011. At Stones in Claremont, had a drink and had the WORST tummy pains ; convinced I was losing the baby we were so desperately trying for
December 2011, went to the Dr and found out I was officially pregnant
May 2012, gave birth to my gorgeous daughter
May 2013, celebrated her first birthday
11 November 2013 I ended things with him. I remember this day because it is my mom’s birthday. My birthday is the 17 November; and that was the first year in all the years that we were dating that he ever bought me something. 2 cakes and the promise of a R100 at month end.
PLEASE KNOW, I broke up with him on the phone. He was in the USA and persistent as fuck and I just got lekker gatvol
August 2014 took #spermdonor to court for maintenance ; and he paid for about 2 months and then came th excuses
October/September 2014 he came to talk to me about seeing Zineah more ; that’s all it was……..just talk
To date? 01 December 2015…………..he has not seen her. She has defiently declared, in the shopping mall, that she does not have a daddy. Only a mommy. It is not my fault. I will not be blamed. He knows he is more than welcome to see her and at this point, I really don’t think he should
I have informed him that I want Sole Guardianship; he has said he will not fight me
So please, if you know of a lawyer who will do my case pro bono or atleast at a cheaper or more affordable rate.
Seriously…….I’m sure you must know of someone


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