The kid just swore

Just stop for a second and stop the judgement. I’ll give you your 15 seconds of judge sometime soon.


Imagine the scene, I step out of the shower and the kid is sitting directly opposite me putting on her socks. 

Kid: Mommy, why do you say fuckin when you get mad at me?

*cue shocked facial expression and laughter*

Me: What? Why do I say what?

Kid: Mommy, why do you say fuckin when you get mad at me?

*cue more laughter because apparently I am a terrible mother & don’t know how to handle situations in an adult way*

Me: Oh. Uhmm, I only say it when I’m really upset but I mustn’t hey

Kid: Yes, you mustn’t say fuckin

Me: Jesus doesn’t like it when you say that word. It’s a bad word. It’s a swear word.

Kid: *acting very shocked that I have now accused her of swearing* I never said it, you did

Me: I know, it’s very bad. I won’t say it again. You mustn’t it again, ok? *soon after I mouthed WTF*

Kid: Yes, I won’t say it again


Ok, here you go……….your 15 seconds of judge

1. For me allowing my 5 year old daughter to see me naked

2. For cussing infront of her


I cuss infront of her when I am completely 100% bedonnered. It’s just me and her. The 2 of us. So when I’ve just had enough of everything, swearing is my way of releasing that tension because it’s either that or punching a wall. I’ve tried screaming into a pillow – it does not work.

Also, I cussed infront of her like months ago – she needs to chill

As for the naked part – as parents, we hardly get time to do anything, let alone on our own so yip, that’s my reasoning.

Driving the point home? I typed this post, on my phone while I was on the loo and even then she interuppted me to tell me

” I love you”

“Sorry I’m just collecting my cards” 


“Kid: Mama, I don’t have enough fresh air

Me: Huh? What?

Kid: It’s being cancelled”

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