The Internet

So,I get to work early. Like 6:30 early. I only start at 8:30.  Today has been eventful. No internet. At all. Like niks.
And I get so annoyed at the phones – always fuckin ringing #iknowitsmyjob
Also,I had fokol lis to work and then for the past hour or so I’ve just been laughing.
Like your life is that bad that you can only laugh because if you dare cry then you’ll never stop.
I was laughing in that way that you’d think there was something wrong with me #probablyis
And then,I have the WORST tummy pains #notperiodtime

And,before I get critt’d for being a ‘sub blogger’ #ishrafiel ; this blog is for me. To speak. To listen.

This is Athena’s blog. I don’t get to see my friends much and I guess this is my way to stay in touch with them…..

Sub Blogger My Ass!!!!!

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