The Fund

Ladies & Gents this post is about to get serious................jokes :) my daughter's 4th birthday is coming up and i do not have enough money to give her the party she deserves or wants, so i am doing the best i can do ; which is too scrape together what i have and give her what i can. i've created a "zineah's birthday fund" in honour of this. so far, i have just under r400. it is not much. 

it won't get far but i have asked family members to contribute. whatever is in that envelope by end of april 2016 will be the money used towards her party. it will most probably be something small but it will be awesome and she will have loads of fun. i am not telling you this because i want you to feel sorry for me, i am not telling you this because i want your money. i am telling you this because this is me, unfiltered. get to know the financially impaired person i am. i know, that any mother / father / parent, will do what they can for their child. i am doing what i can for mine., it might leave you with a bitter taste but i do not see this as begging, i see this as intuitive, genius even. it's fun, it's funny and it's worth the ugly pitiful stares. i do not feel EMBARRASSED for doing this ; i do not feel ashamed. this is for my daughter; and i am aware that i could just do something lowkey but we all know that lowkey still costs money. what i have by the end of april 2016 is what will be utilised ; whatever that might be



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