The Finder Experiment: Megan Eckert

That’s Fin-der, NOT Find-her. Get it? Or do I have to break it down for you?!

Today, we feature the beautiful Megan Eckert.

She is 28 years old. Employed fulltime and still single, as a pringle 🙂

I’ve sent her a few questions and below are her answers 🙂  ENJOY!!!!!!!!



What kind of phone do you have?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Have you ever been married?


If you have answered NO to the above, what are your views on marriage?

100% for marriage.

What do you do in your free time?

Go to the driving range. Gym. Read. Watch tv. Visit friends. Take random drives.

How would you describe your personality?

Bubbly & outgoing. Some would even say a little weird.

What is your biggest flaw?

That I trust too easily so I land up getting hurt a lot

Are you a parent?


Now, the FINDER questions;

Why Tinder?

Started off as an experiment and to see what all the fuss was about, landed up using at as a dating site

Did you do any research on social dating sites before you chose Tinder?

Not really. I never used to be one for internet dating until recently.

Do you have more than ONE social dating site on your phone?


What do you want out of Tinder?

Serious dating – It can sometimes be tough meeting people in the ‘real world’ so using tinder as a way of meeting people that could potentially lead to something more. I’m not getting any younger.

How long have you been on the Tinder scene?

Almost 2 years

The world we live in is shallow and everything is based on what people see, or hear; so what makes you swipe left or right?

For me, a lot of the time it isn’t whats based on what they look like but what they have to say about themselves.

How do you think Tinder will help you in locating that special someone?

I’ve met more people in the last 2 years because of Tinder than I have in the last 10 years I have been out of school. So its just about getting myself out there and meeting new people.

How do you “approach” someone on Tinder? Do you initiate first contact via a message or do you let them come to you?

It depends, most of the time I let them come to me but there have been a few where I have initiated first contact

Have you actually ever met someone outside of Tinder?

Yes. One of my closest friends is from tinder.

What’s easier? Swiping right or an actual face to face with a handsome dude across the bar?

Swiping right is definitely easier. Better though? Definitely not.


She’s single. As a pringle. Want to meet this beautiful individual? Comment below & SUPERbsusyMOM 2.0 will let her know 🙂

Megan Eckert

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