The Expirement

Ladies and Gentleman, lend me your ears; well your eyes in this case. I have recently decided to go deodarant-less. Over the years, especially after motherhood, I’ve found that I sweat profusely and it’s not only because I am morbidly obese but it just seems to be a habit. I am luck enough to wear a uniform to work but the shirts are of such a fabric/make that I have now permanently left sweat stains on rhe collar and a few unattractive sweat lines on the back. So what I have decided is to go “barenaked” in terms of any underarm “assistance” 

Day number 2 and I would say it’s a success. I shower the night before, powder on my underarms and I do not shower in the morning. You must think I’m a stinky but not actually hey. If I shower in the morning I have a greater chance of being as heck by 9am whereas if I get up and go straight to work rhen the chance of me stinking is less likely because I am not washing away the “protective” layer. I have to get an exfoliator though.

What are some of the things you do that is not considered “normal” ?

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