The child has anxiety

Today was grandparents day at school and I noticed one thing in the pictures and videos that were shared.

I noticed one thing as went to swimming lesson this evening.

My child. Unfortunately. Has been cursed with my anxiety and lack of confidence. I am almost 30 years old and only now am I almost 100% confident. I do not want that for her. To have to wait 20 odd years to feel or be confident. She’ll be 6 years old next week, she should already be confident. Flying across the monkey bars and diving head first into the deep end. She should not feel anything than less than confident and capable.

My social anxiety and awkwardness stems from me always being a homebody, always finding comfort in a warm bed and good read.

She, on the other hand is a social butterfly, in the right situation, with a crowd of people she knows.

She should not have to suffer at the hands of my life long disease.

Is it because I push her to say hello to people when entering a room?

Is it because I treat her like a semi tween?

Is it because I have started giving her responsibilities?

What is it that I am doing that is giving my child the anxiety that causes her to bite her skin from her fingertips? What can I do to help? How do I help?

How can I became a less anxiety me and a more there for her mother?

Do I helicopter too much?

Should I just have another child so that she can feel less pressurized?

What is it that is causing my child, my 6 year old child, to physically harm herself.

What is it that I have done wrong?

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