The “BIG” apology

Note to readers: I’ll be “airquoting” my way through this post #sarcasm

So,if you’ve been following my blog,you’ll know that there was an argument that happened a few weeks ago.

Fight World
Population: Me,Brother’s Wife & Brother

So,I apologised #biggerperson and then,my brother apologised on Saturday…..nogals the last day of the month. Now,you’re all probably thinking “YAY,he finally apologised!”
No! #restingbitchface
He “apologised”

Exact details?

Zineah and I were alone at home. She is playing with her dolls on the floor and I’m laying on the couch. She hears the garage door open and runs to check who it might be. It’s Aunty Althea,Uncle Vincent and The Boys. Zineah then goes with them to the back (yes,they live at the back in a seperate entrance #baneofmyexistence).

THE REAL STORY, the juicy one,the shocker😮
Vincent walks up to me, ” I dont want to.”
I proceed to sit the fuck up, ” Ok”
Vincent ” I dont want to. I’m sorry for what I said and how I acted.”
Me ” Ok. Thank You”
Vincent is still standing infront of me
Me ” Do you want a hug?”
Vincent ” No”
Me “Oh,I thought you wanted a hug because you’re still standing here #queuelaughter ”
Vincent ” I dont want to”
Me “Ok”
Vincent then proceeds to walk away,turns around and ONE more time for good measure ” I dont want to”
Me ” Dont want to what?”
Vincent “Apologise”
Me ” Ok”


Now ladies and gents,all together now WHAT THE FUCK!!!!

That was ballsy,I’ll admit that but really? What was he trying to do? Spite me by saying that he doesnt want to apologise. I could really care less. This is all after I told his wife to leave the situation and not make him apologise. This is what u get when you force people. Force is a crime mense.

Honestly,that just means that he does want me dead. He does want to bury me. It’s sad. It takes me back to watching my best friend brothers and family have to bury her,and she left behind 2 gorgeous kids. Really? Is that what you want for your parents? You can’t even be sincerely sorry?  Just know that if zi vrek randomly – he should be the first suspect.

Probably the most random and suckiest apology EVER!  Like I say, you can cry st the things in your life or laugh. I choose to laugh,even through my tears.

Have a great Monday and thanx for reading:)

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