The Band: RJ and On The Move

Hello peoples,

I was on Facebook, as always 🙂 and came across these TWO videos for a band that I know….well I know the singer but whateve! I listened to it both and I was taken aback – IT IS GOOD!!!!!!! I even considered asking them to sing for, just in general. Just stand around and sing, just coz we can 🙂 Sometimes you need a bit of randomness in your life.

RJ and On The Move, perhaps you could do a old school jazz number? Al Green?

You can really feel the love they have for music, hell, even their hashtag is #ForTheLoveOfMusic 🙂

You STILL don’t know what I’m talking about? Come out from under your rock Patrick!, and

Check Out The TWO Links Below

RJ and On The Move | Amy Winehouse

RJ and On The Move | Bob Marley

Such “jivvy” numbers – had me rocking out in my office chair 🙂

You wanna get hold of them? Here’s a link to the Facebook Page 🙂

Keep rocking bitches!


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