The Ban

Ok,that’s a bit much. Sounds hectic and it wasn’t. Last week Wednesday, I decided to get off social media for awhile and it is now (as I type) less than a week since I’ve made that decision. It is exactly 5 days since I made that decision.

Was it hard? Not really
Was it worth it? Yes

I will admit that I Instastalked on Saturday. Someone liked my pic and I was DYING to find out what pic they liked. I also relapsed on the WhatsApp side – I had to urgently send mother and father a message and then I chatted to my Uncle for a bit.

Did I want to check my Facebook while Insta relapsing? Not even a little bit.

I was on Facebook today but that’s coz I had to do something for the parentals. Also, I did blog,Pinterest and 9gag while I was on this ‘ban’. The ban was for things that I would be on CONSTANTLY – which was Facebook,Insta, WhatsApp and BBM. I also played games on my phone.

I will be honest, I didn’t really learn much but it was good. To not constantly feel the need to be available.

Would I do it again? Yes I would.
Do I think you should do it? Definitely

Good to be back though 👍

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