Ta ténèbre

Your darkness has engulfed your soul like a full moon taking over a man mid change. Your darkness reaches out to touch my brightness. Your darkness reaches deep and corrupts. It seeks a companion. Someone to be dark with. Your darkness reaches out to touch everyone in it’s path. What is darkness without a friend? Your darkness hurts me. Makes me feel less than. Always insulting. Hurtful. Never apologising. Never grateful. Your darkness makes me ill. Causing me to rethink it all. You’re suppose to love me but it seems that all your darkness spews is hatred and filtht sarcasm. I don’t want your darkness. I do not want any part of it. I might not be the brightest light but I will never be as dark as you. That’s all I see when I look at you. Your darkness. Once, you were in control of your darkness. Now your darkness is in control of you. Your darkness is you. It speaks for you. Acts for you. A light so bright, brought down like 1, 2, 3.

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