Special Day. Special Person

This post will be dedicated to a man who has helped raise me and who has always been there for me. My daddy. I know that I was not and am still not the easiest child and I know what grief I’ve caused you but you’ve always been there. Never failing. Never faltering. You are a man that all other men need to look up to. Not only am I so lucky to have you in my life but so are the people who meet you and who are able to interact. My mother sure did choose the right man to marry. I know when God chooses to bless me with a man, that he will have to come very close to you. You’ve shown me what I want and the type of man I deserve. You are an inspiration and I am honoured to be your daughter. I am honoured that I have been blessed to spend another birthday with you. 

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Thank You for being a great father!

Thank You for being a great grandfather!

Thank You for being a great husband!

Thank You for being a great God fearing man!

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