So It Wouldn't Be Fair If I Didn't Do This Post

Fair to the mother
Fair to the gorilla
Fair to that child

I watched the video, for the first time yesterday afternoon & then it came on the news again.
On watching the video the first time, it looks like the gorilla is protecting the child. And as a mother, I kept on picturing my own 4 year old in that position. I would’ve jumped in. Fuck that! Without hesitating, I would’ve jumped.
When it came on the news, it seems as if that is how a gorilla would handle their own kin in the wild. I don’t know. One can only assume that gorillas know little to no sensitivity, unless taught. In most cases, I believe that is how they treat their cubs in the wild. It also does not seem that the gorilla was trying to harm the child but rather aggravated by the crowd. If the gorilla wanted to, it could’ve killed that kid. It did not.
For the mother. I see alot of negativity flying across the interweb. All good and well to do the bashing behind your PC screen. Is the mother at fault? No. I don’t think anyone is to blame. As parents, we have, one time or another, lost our kids. We got lucky. We lost them in the supermarket, the house or the car park. We lost them. Losing your child, 5 seconds, 5 minutes – it is a right of passage in parenthood. Like losing your shit or just giving in and buying that Happy Meal. It happens and it is 100% unfortunate that it happened where it did.
Is the child ok? We hope so.
Is the mother ok? She will be.
I do not believe anyone is to blame and I do not believe that the gorilla should have been killed. I also strongly and firmly believe that sooner, someone should’ve stepped in.
Our society has become so warped, that inside of helping out we Facebook. We Instragram.
Every inch of our lives are readily available. For anyone to pluck and pull from.
Instead of helping, we post.
I would’ve jumped.
We are brainwashed.
Everything is sensationalized. That’s why “man made blogs” run dry.
We cannot sensationalize the piss that hit us in the face.
We cannot sensationalize the amount of vomit in our cleavage.
Blogging. It is what it is.
Stopping posting. Start helping.

For bloggers, or anyone sharing this post, please use the hashtag and unbrainwash what our society deems “nomal”

#StopPosting #StartHelping #BrainwashBarbie


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