She is slipping back into the world. All consumed and enraged. She is slipping back into herself. Hopeless and given up. She keeps callong but no one hears a thing. She keeps silent with voices echoing. All she wants is some quiet. All she wants is to be heard. All she wants is somebody to talk to. She is slipping. Down. Down. Down. She is slipping with all you around. No one wants to help. No one cares enough to help. Everyone is too caught up. Too busy. So frustrated. Suffocated. Take a moment and watch how she slips. Gracefully, no. More painfully. She does not want you to see her pain but she is crying out for help. She does not believe in tears, for she has not cried for many years. When you have to be strong, you forget what weak is. She never gets any time for silence in this world of chaotic noises. All she has asked for is 5 minutes. To breathe. To think. To be. Completely silent. No one needing her or wanting her. They do not want to listen to her so just grant her this one wish. Leave her be. Be there but leave her be. Be available but accomodating. She is tired from the internal war. She has thought many a time of giving up but then she looks at you. She is tired of biting her tongue. She is tired of the expectation and the reality that she just has to accept. 

She is slipping & even though you are there, you are not catching her. She is slipping and she understands. You’re a bit busy. A bit preoccupied. She is slipping and soon she’ll be gone.

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