Series Saturday: Baby Daddy

Seriously, Google it.
It’s currently in it’s 4th season and it is hilarious.
The characters:

Ben is the single bartending dad
Danny is the ridiculously aloof and handsome hockey player
Bonnie is the mom of Danny and Ben
Tucker is their roommate
Riley is an old friend aka rigantor
Emma is the adorable little baby

Like a book,if a series doesn’t grab my attention in the first few minutes then it’s on to the next one.
This series is more funny than romantic but you always end up hoping that Danny gets the girl he really loves.

The thing I love about this series? Bonnie is real. Like a real mom and I find that relatable. She’s got a boep!!!!
Now, I know there are many moms out there who have a gazillion kids and are slim as hell but as a mom who still has a pregnant looking boep, I love the fact that Bonnie has one and that our personalities are also so similar.

Seriously,do yourself a favour and watch it☺

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