Series Saturday: 12 Monkeys

It’s still in the beginning phases,only episode 6 of season 1. It’s worth it though. It’s scyfy (think thats how people spell it). I’m not one for scyfy but this is good. There is a guy in there that I like – he is such a good actor but he is semi mediocre in this which is dissappointing. From the get go you hope that Cole finds what he needs. Episodr 6 is a tad bit boring,not the same juice as previous episodes. I’m going to watch episode 7 this weekend so I do hope that it’s alot of more juicy. Reminds me a bit of Orphan Black 😕

Do yourself a favour and check out the first 2 episodes. Get a feel for it. Let me know.

Have a great Saturday everybody!

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