I am 26 years old and to this day,literally ; people cannot believe that I am from Mitchell’s Plain.

Comments I usually get?
You’re then so pretty
You don’t speak like you come from there
You’re then so white

Today, someone told me that they thought I’m from Rondebosch. To which I assured him that I can be very coloured when I want to.

As old as I am,many people can’t believe that someone that looks like me comes from a place like Mitchell’s Plain.
Now,there are times when I can’t believe it. You get these complete ghan chicks that make me embarassed to even be a female,let alone come form Mitchell’s Plain.
I know that all the apples/fruit or whatever get bunched together and in most cases I can see how people’s faces change when they hear that I am from Mitchell’s Plain. Like instant disklike.

I wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else though. I’m a ‘Plain girl through and through


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