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I find that this world is unsafe and with the conversation at the office taking a turn towards a debate about whether or whether not to let our kids sleep over. I went with the NOT. Due to the fact that she is a girl and still so young. I still think I would not be comfortable even if she is 6 or 12 years old. It’s not that I don’t trust people. I don’t trust the world. It has become unsafe,to the point where you cannot walk ALONE to the corner. Every move you make is monitored. You,as a citizen,need to be super vigilant. Fuck! That bra you helped with kos now the other day could end up being the dude that slits your throat one night. Seriously. No one is safe. Ever. People take advantage. These druggies or whoever it is that fuckin breaking in,shooting, hurting people don’t care and I will sticktp my guns that our government, our country is going to shit! Down the fuckin drain man! There isnt much to be desired when you look at our government and the smet that is our president. How,are we,as a nation suppose to feel safe? How,are we,as parents suppose to protect our children, when we have become so easily targetted by these smet kinders? I swear this country is just going to get and nee,it’s not one of those “it always gets worse before it gets better”. It’s just plain kak,down the toilet piss kak. Fuckin government!!!! 😠

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