Pre – Fathers Day

So, it’s amper Father’s Day. I am still blessed to have mine around. Zineah’s dad was an on-off figure for the first year of her life. She is 3 years old and he hasn’t been an ‘on’ figure for just over 2 years.


In preparation of Father’s Day, I’ve decided to gift my dad and grandad a few things. And because I know I’ll see my Uncle,Brother and cousin’s husband; I thought I’d get them something small.



This is my dad’s gift & the below is for my grandad 👇


So, to everyone who is still blessed enough to have their father’s around, pls cherish them.
For those who have passed on, do something in their honour.
For the father’s whose kids have passed on, I pray for you.
Here’s a pre – Happy Father’s Day (even to the single mothers)
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