Confession: I am a Pinterest whore!

I could spend my entire DAY on Pinterest and only feel bad because I did not watch something or listen to something, but work? meh!

I love Pinterest and I LOVE Printables – organization! OH.MY.GOSHNESS!

I love searching for DIY’s, which I never actually DIY but whatever – no one knows

I love searching for dresses – even though I hardly wear them

AND I LLOOVVEE searching for ideas – parties, office DIY (that word again).

Pinterest is  probably the best thing to ever have happened in my life……well, besides my daughter that is.

OOH, I love searching for food… and such 🙂

I am OBsessed and I don’t want to be cured 🙂 Don’t deny me my daily dose


Keep Pinning,

*Pinterest Whore*

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