There was a time when I still believed in Love. The strongness and innocence that it could be. There was a time when it was pure and honest, a time where you never had to doubt the intentions of Love. Love was upfront. Love was brutal, brutally amazing. That time was in 2007, in the United Kingdom. Where an Australian suitor sought my heart but age was more than just a number to me then. I remember the many trips back and forth and the purity of those interactions. I remember that one time we sat outside; across from each other,talking,and holding hands. Like we were in a movie. The strangers passed by and their stares screamed “I’m jealous! I want what you have.” But what we had was nothing more than playful banter. The promise of another. The promise of today. The hope of tomorrow. I remember this moment because it was pure. It didn’t ask any questions. It didn’t question the time. It was there,and it was perfect.
Love,now has corrupted me. It is no longer pure. It is no longer innocent. Getting slammed back and forth about sex and nudity. Getting asked to be naughty. There is no purity in this love I see. There is no hope for the next. This love is a hurtful love. A revengeful love. A love that only burns. It is not a healing love or a loving love. It is pain. Searing pain cutting through my chest.
Why does it take so much time and effort to produce this love? Why do we lie about this love?
Love cannot fight anymore. Let down your guard. Love is tired. It is tired for always wanting. It is tired for always trying. It is tired because we always beat it down.
Where is the honesty in Love? The compassion? Where is the simpleness of Love?
Where has time gone that Love now comes last? Where has time gone that Love needs to work to get in the door?
Love is not expectation. Love is not work.
It flows through us but yet we suffocate it at every chance we get.
Love is free. Love is harmony. Do not claim to Love if you’ll let me fall.
I want a pure Love. I want a real Love. I want a Puppy Australian Love.
I want a Love that conquers all. A Love that does not require a reason.
I want a Love

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