Oh Snap!

So I’m scrolling through Facebook like I do and I see this

“not for sensitive viewers”

What gets to me?
What makes my heart ache?

The screams
The gut wrenching
Soul crushing
Murderous screams

The screams of  a child who has no threshhold
The screams of a child looking for a way out

I am upset
My heart is paining

Who took this video?
Why is everyone standing around?
Why is another child being forcefully pushed into the beating?

What happened to that child?

What gives ANYONE the right to think they can mishandle and mistreat a HUMAN being, a LIVING breathing creature like that?

What bush did you crawl out of?
This is not a race thing

This is a mother thing
A parent thing
What right?

Videos like these make me wish I had the power to reach down their throats and pull their onsides out
To make them suffer while I shove a hot poker stick into their eye socket
I want to inflict a pain
Any pain
Make them scream
Make them cry

Yes, let’s not fire with fire
But when fire spreads throughout the world, who are we to stand in the of who it burns

Save the children
Save the animals
Save the innocent
Save the people

2 thoughts on “Oh Snap!

  1. Hi there, I wanted to pin this but there are no pinnable images. A pinnable image ideally is vertical – taller than wider. I like to make mine 700 pixels high. I found you through your post to the blog engagement group on Facebook. I agree that there are terrible things going on in this world… and like you, I’m sensitive to the suffering of others.

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