Office Politics?

People. People. People. Office politics are my fuckin life! Now,not many people what position I hold or where I work but let me say this. I have been in this industry for 5 years and I have always enjoyed it. This industry is brilliant. The company I work for not so much. It isn’t so much as office politics as it is plain bitchiness and people not wanting to take responsibility.


Now. My position is something I do not enjoy but I make the most of it #donthaveachoice . I am a Receptionist but if you wanna be fancy and give me a jits title,with fockol money then please do call me Branch Secretary. It is literally a glorified title! Why give me this kak title if your plan is to treat me like a peasant and pay me like a beggar. I am pretty sure, like bet my kidney on it sure,that my boss doesn’t constantly check her wallet everyday. That’s just to make sure you haven’t somehow lost the money you have all intention of keeping til middle month #chokers #cowboykos #brokebrother


I work, no; I die at this company everyday. I do not want to be there but reiterate that I make the best of my situation. Don’t really have a choice. The shit I get blamed for is luda-wait-for-it-CRIS!!!!!!!! Let’s just,for the fun of it, mention a few things I get blamed for
– not being able to find a file
– not knowing the answer to something #notagenius
– not being cheery…….all the TIME #notahappylady
– literally anything
You read right ! I can and will get blamed for anything and everything 😐


I’ve learnt to live with it though. Like literally just take it up the ass & deal with it. Seriously. Just adopt my bitch attitude because EMOTIONS ARE NOT ALLOWED unless it’s CHEERY & a tad bit taatie.


On another note, if anyone knows of a company looking for an awesome person,great skills blah blah blah, then pop me a mail, msg me on WhatsApp 079 861 9603, BBM me 7F48C449 or Direct Message me on Insta superbusymom143.

I promise to make you fat with delicious treats & even babysit your babatjie if need be. I AM A GREAT PERSON!!!!!!!!!!

Dankie en baie liefde vir almal 😉

**disclaimer: all pics are courtesy of 9gag, pinterest, facebook,tumblr or just plain ol’ google 👍

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