OBsession: Kirk Norcross

Good Morning Beautiful People,

I am typing this blog post from a PC!!!!! EEEKKKK #firstime

This post is dedicated to a deliciously delectable Mr Kirk Norcross – he is from the UK and BEYOND gorgeous. Now, I am not one for white men (no racism intended) – I prefer me some colouredness but DDAAMMNN!!!!!

He is one hot piece of ass, and has accomplished a few things in his life. He can sing, he is goodlooking as hell and he looks a bit like Daniel Craig and Tom Hardy, and I do like me some Tom Hardy, Now, I don’t care much for body and what not – have a boep, I really DO NOT care but damn THAT face!!!!!! I prefer his rugged look over his fresh faced boy-ness btw šŸ™‚

I would love to find a man, handsome but also down to Earth, like Mr Tom Hiddleston. Many of the coloured guys today have NO goals, NO aspirations and are downright hooligans, and then there are some coloured guys that do have goals and aspirations but they also don’t want to be tied down to a single mom, because they would in turn, like to have kids of their own.

#itsbeenagessinceivebeenkissed #sadtruth

So, in case you haven’t clicked on the links above, I’ve sourced some pictures for you (and me). Enjoy them, and don’t drool too much!

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

And then, my all time fav – Kirk Norcross

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One thought on “OBsession: Kirk Norcross

  1. Absolutely LOVE this!!! My problem with coloured guys is, I can’t find one tall enough or my age. I always get the Ben10’s LOL!!!

    It’s been ages since I’ve been kissed too šŸ™‚

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