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Good Morrow Fellow Humanoids!

I am 100% sure you have not noticed my absencce but the reason for that, my absence, that is ; is because I was voileted about 3 weeks back and it has taken some time for me to get my or atleast most of my electronics back and in that time I have not missed blogging as much as I expected to. I am currently typing from my Vodacom 10 inch tab via the bluetooth keyboard. Not long after the aforementioned burglary, I got a cheap phone. A R500 Cell C Fantasy. Sorry to say but the WORST picture quality ever and so ridicously slow that a normal WhatsApp message takes easily 5 min to type. I am planning to upgrade but right now I am not by the financial means to do so. The phone I am looking at getting is R3000 #donationswelcome .

The reason for this post iss because I am doing a 12 part series The Truth Behind Parent Bloggers

This segment will consists of blogs / social media profiles I have or am planning to stalk. BeforeI embark on posting this series I will want to make sure that I am asking the right questions.

If you would like to be apart of this 12 part series, please pop me an email on

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