Kids. Kids. Kid. Kid. They seem to get sick and then keep you up all night but come 5am,then they sleep vas like someone who is trying to recover from an all weekend drinking binge. They seem to expect the most of you even when you’re not at your best. Wherever that might be. The loo is where this normally happens because kids can’t bear to miss out on anything mommy does. Heerie,everything comes back to mommy
But, seriously? Would you change it? To go back to your pre- mommy ways? No matter how old you were when you became a mother. Whether it was when you were 16 or 36. To become the pre-you?
They,these kids. These little terrors. These little buggers. These toddlers that just fockin scratch! The whole blady day! Pak al die kasies uit! Don’t fockin listen either. Jy praat aan een #brokenrecord . They are the experts at ignoring and changing the subject. They look ONE WAY,the whole fockin time you talk. One way. Jy kan maar wat se,maar die kop bly stil.
It’s worth it though,like in the end. At night,when they’re sleeping and you get to go taatie with the kisses. Kisses everywhere💋! There’s nobody to stop you. When they hug you. You know the kinda hug that makes everything and everyone in the world disappear. Those hands around your neck. When they say “I love You” and when they look at you. In that moment you know that all the past struggles was worth it and all the future struggles will be worth it.
They made us who we are. They made us want to be a better version of ourselves. They showed us what pure unconditional love is. They make it worthwhile. The bodies. The tears. The scars. The heartache. The pain. Every second. Every pound. Worth. It. Always


**disclaimer: all pics are courtesy of 9gag, pinterest, facebook,tumblr or just plain ol’ google 👍

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