Moral Dilemma

Good Morning Humans,
I have a Wednesday dilemma and I need your help
There was someone money in my cupboard, been in there since December and this morning…….it’s just gone
My dad saw it there yesterday when he put some poster paint in my cupboard
Now,it’s super high up so suffice to say my 4 year old can’t reach it
Suffice to say I know who the fulprit (fuckin culprit) is
What do I do?
Do I violate their privacy like they violated mine or do I politely ask if they took it?
Please note, the fulprit has been making purchases since yesterday…….and this would not be the first time


30 thoughts on “Moral Dilemma

  1. I would definitely have to confront them, otherwise it would just eat away at me and really it is the only solution if you want to have a future relationship with this person. Hope they can be honest and own up to it so you can both move past it. Good luck!

  2. Definitely approach them, but if you’re worried about offending/embarrassing this person than I would put it how you did in the article. Explain that it was there, they are the only person to have had access to it, and now it’s gone. Or maybe ask if they mentioned it being there to someone else who may have had access to it at another point in time.
    Either way, good luck!

  3. You can ask in a respectful way… ‘Hey, I had some money right here and now it’s gone, did you borrow it? Because I need it…’ Only one that should feel awkward about that is them.

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