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This is the 2nd last one for the infamous SUPERbusyMOM2.0 series 🙂

What is your name?

Mandy Lee Miller

How do you identify yourself?

Mommy, wife, daughter sister, friend, writer, mommy blogger, editor in chief, brand consultant

How many kids do you have? Ages? Girl? Boy?

One daughter named Charlotte Rose Miller (Charly), who is 22 months (2 in Feb)


Are you married/single?

Married to Brett for 3 years on 3 May which is our 10 year together anniversary as well.


Stay at home mom or fulltime employed?

Both haha. I am a work at home mom, who manages 5 businesses, and will be expanding on one and adding another in 2016.


When did you start blogging?

2013 when I found out I was pregnant


Why did you start blogging?

As a writer I wanted to document my pregnancy and share my journey with others to “normalise” the not-always-pleasant experience of pregnancy and becoming a parent.


Do you do any sponsored post?






What is your blog about?

It is about the journey of parenthood from the moment you find out you are pregnant, warts and all. The core is my journey, sharing my experiences, my struggles, my relationship with myself and my child; but I also explore other women’s experinces through various series, and enjoy sharing and supporting exceptional family lifestyle focused businesses, with a special focus on mom-owned businesses.


What do you love about being a mommy blogger?

Providing support and comfort to other parents by sharing stories that let them know that they are never alone in what they are experiencing. Being a part of a community of incredibly talented women and writers. Being able to reach thousands of people every month and know that I am having a positive influence in their lives.


As a mother, what is in your bag, like RIGHT NOW?

An empty makeup bag (the makeup is all over the couch – ️thanks Charly), deoderant, a misty empty wallet, 4 pens, a notebook, 2 Huggies nappies, kids sunscreen, a silver plastic car, a Bratz doll and a dummy.


What are the struggles you face with being a mommy blogger?

One of the most difficult things in the world is when you have poured your heart into writing something and it doesn’t reach as many people as you had hoped. The purpose of my blog is to reach out to people, to have them feel less alone, and when I share a story that I feel could really make a difference for people and I just can’t seem to get it out there to those people I really struggle.


Three things you can’t live without?

My family, my phone and the Internet.


What’s a normal day like for you?

Long. Very very long. Charly wakes on average every 90 minutes throughout the night and starts out day around 6am. I start working around 7:30 on Tums 2 Tots Online, client work, emails, South African Sisterhood and Pregnant in Cape Town (PiCT). My mom arrives as backup around 8:30 and keeps C busy while I work til around 11:30 (with a few meltdowns and neeeeeeds mommy and sometimes just cuddle and kiss visits from C). At 11:30 I settle Charly for her nap and then work on my phone for an hour while my mom eats and breathes.

12:30 I eat and have a coffee, sometimes prep food for Charly. I go back to work around 1.

Deal with miss Cs wake up tears around 2:30 (she gets that response to waking from me).

Go back to work til 3:30 when my mom leaves. Spend about haf an hour chatting to and playing with Charly, then we snuggle up on the big bed with our Curious George movie, rice cakes and cold water and we watch that (while I work one handed on my phone, stopping to do the songs and dances at the appropriate times). Hubby gets home around 5 after running errands and cooks dinner while I spend time with Charly (or working depending on deadlines). We eat dinner as a family, Charly and I bath, family story time and Charly bedtime around 7:30. Once she is asleep, I head to our room and – you guessed it – work on my laptop while watching series with hubby until Cs first wakeup around 10:30/11. And the whole process starts over.


Alone time? Do you even know what that is?

Hahahahahahahahaha. No idea what that is at all. I dot get to bath alone or sleep alone or go to the bathroom alone. I am occasionally alone in a room when I work, though never for very long. Every few months I get a massage because sleeping with a very active toddler does all kind of fun things to my neck and back.


Words of wisdom?

You won’t actually die from lack of sleep.

There is always ALWAYS somebody going through the same or very similar things as you are when you are a parent – you are not alone. You are a Supermommy!!

WRT blogging – we all struggle with numbers, we all feel like we aren’t good enough, we all consider stopping every other week. If you keep going back to the reason you started your blog in the first place, you will always be a success.


Goals for 2016?

Balance. Growth. Health. And possibly baby number 2.


What’s your favourite activity to do with your child/children?

Reading. I LOVE how much she loves books. I love that her vocabulary is on track to be bigger than mine. I love that she has such an amazing memory that she can “read” many of them herself, but that she also has such an incredible imagination that she can nake up her own stories when it suits her.


Where did you grow up? 

Cape Town


How did you come up with your blog name?

I was pregnant – in Cape Town :,D I added “& ever after” when I relaunched in May and expanded it from just a personal diary to include the other facets.


Tell us something that NO ONE else knows about you?

As a “too honest” blogger, I’m not actually sure there is anything that nobody knows about me… Maybe… I have dermographism, which essentially means you can write on my skin with your nail or pretty much anything and then read what you wrote. Lol. It’s incredibly rare affecting only about 4% of the population; and it’s not dangerous or contagious at all.

Basically my skin has an allergic reaction even without introducing an allergen. It is aggravated by stress and anxiety and the welts or writing disappear after about 10 minutes.


And lastly, tell us how becoming a mother has changed you……..

It changed every single thing about me, every aspect of my being. It has made me more afraid than I have ever been; from the minute I found out I was pregnant, her life became bigger than mine and the fear of ever having her threatened, hurt or lost became a core part of who I am now. At the same time, I became braver than I have ever been; I would do anything to protect her or make her proud. That includes introducing huge change into my life which I had avoided at all costs until then – I resigned from a stressful position that I felt threatened my pregnancy, I started my own business, I started my blog, I have faced fears and hurts from my past to be better and stronger for her and I bought a magazine so that I could follow my passion and hopefully teach her to do the same.


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