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What is your name?

Hi my name is Charlotte Lesli Coetzee Nortje. I have 2 surnames because my one daughter is Coetzee and my husband and other daughter is Nortje. I felt I needed to keep my old one when I got married so that my daughter and I still share a name, also she asked me not to change it.


How do you identify yourself?

I wear many hats as most moms do, so when it comes to identifying myself I use the following terms: Christian, wife, mother, dietitian, nurse, chef, event planner, financial manager, musician, reader, writer, personal assistant, home educator, blogger, personal shopper, PTA mom, dog lover, coffee addict and so much more.

How many kids do you have? Ages? Girl? Boy?

I often tell people that I have 4 children. My husband, my daughters and dog. My first born is Amandalynn who just turned 9 in June, she is well mannered little lady most of the days but lately she has been stepping into the tween stage of life and her attitude and having an answer for everything is driving us crazy. My second child Lorelai was 5 in January and she is the wild child in the family. Constantly injuring one of her eyes by running into funny things and costing me money. My last child is a fur baby called Kayla she is about 5 months old and spoilt rotten.



Are you married/single?

I am married to an amazing man who loves his children more than he loves me most days.


Stay at home mom or fulltime employed?

I am a little bit if both. I work half day as a personal assistant and I tend to say that my real job starts when I get home at 14:00 in the afternoons. I get to drive kids to and from extra-murals, attend school and church meetings while still trying to get dinner on the table by 18:30.

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging when I came back from maternity leave in 2010.

Why did you start blogging?

I scrapbooked every minute of her life, but at that stage I was still working fulltime, Hannes was working 2 jobs and the only time I had to capture their memories was at work. I started my first blogged and back in those days I was called Scaredmom. After a couple of years I started a new blog called The Stilettomum because I was no longer scared of being a mom and because I love stilettos.

Do you do any sponsored post?

I often do sponsored posts. Press releases has a separate page so the will never end up in the inbox of my readers, but with sponsored post I try and make it personal or at least give my honest opinion.


I haven’t had a competition on my blog in ages. But it is the best feeling in the world to be able to share with your followers.

What is your blog about?

My blog is about my life and everything my family gets up to and things that affect my life and my children’s lives. In a nutshell, it is Parenting, lifestyle with a bit of crazy and maintenance.

What do you love about being a mommy blogger?

Everything!!! The friends I have made IRL and online. My day is not complete if I did not read about someone’s family.

As a mother, what is in your bag, like RIGHT NOW?

Do you really want the answer to this? Here goes: Old train tickets, ID, Siggies, Tissues, random slips, My mother’s new phone, Sweets, sweet wrappers, hat, scarf, water, jersey, various medications, Nicknaks open and closed, tampons, hard drive, water, pens, keys, hair bands, etc.. It is a big mess.

What are the struggles you face with being a mommy blogger?

Not to get caught up with what the other moms are doing. Being my own “blogger” and not trying to compete or compare myself to other mommy bloggers.

Three things you can’t live without?




What’s a normal day like for you?

A normal day for me is long.

06:05          I drop Hannes at the station and then I go back home.

06:10          Kids have porridge and we all get dressed for school. I clean up if Kayla decided waiting till morning to go pee would not work for her, make coffee and lunches, put the dog out and make sure she has food and water for the day.

06:50          (most days only by 07:20) We leave the house. I drop Amandalynn and Lorelai at school and then head to the station to catch my train.

08:00          My working day starts and I manage 3 Advocates days and lives.

13:08          Catch a train back home.

14:00          Collect Amandalynn from my Gran and drop her at school for Hockey practise.

14:10          Pick up Lorelai and go to the shop for anything I think we might need.

14:40          Get home, let the dog in, and clean up whatever doggy mess I might have missed in the morning. Have a cup of coffee and cigarette. Have the dog jump all over and on top of me. Unpack shopping, realise I do not have half of what we actually needed and make a mental list.

15:15          Collect Amandalynn at Hockey practise, go to the shop again and forget half the stuff we actually need. Make a mental note to make and actual note tomorrow.

16:00          Home again. Have another cup of coffee, check and help Amandalynn with homework while carrying my dog like a baby because she wants to be picked up (it’s like having another baby). Talk about their day and just sort of take time to relax with them.

17:00          Start with dinner and cleaning up around the house, do washing.

17:30          Collect either Tara or Liesel’ kids from cherche.

17:35          Feed the children I just picked up and then continue with dinner and cleaning while trying to keep kids outside.

17:45          Go back to school to collect the friends kids who I did not collect earlier. (this happens about once a week).

17:50          Get back home feed kids who were just collected and continue with previous task until their parents collect them, then I pause cleaning to have coffee with said parents.

18:30          Collect Hannes from station.

19:00          Eat dinner as a family.

19:20          While kids bath, I have more coffee (yes I am addicted) and sort out washing that I washed the afternoon or only start with washing. Get kids sorted for the next day and maybe do more cleaning.

20:30          Try and get kids into bed.

20:45          Have a shower, watch a movie and chill until sleep time.

Alone time? Do you even know what that is?

I am lucky because I have loads of alone time. My husband and I both have this. My kids are older so it is much easier to have this now. We get to sleep in on a weekends, lounge outside while reading a book or having a braai with friends. My children are very independent so tell will not come and ask me stupid questions and about 2 years ago they stopped following me into the toilet.

Words of wisdom?

Add salt to everything… or rather more correctly take everything with a pinch or bucket of salt. Decide on what kind of parent you want to be and then try it. If it works for you great if it doesn’t, change it. I have changed the way I parent a couple of times over the last 9 years and now I think I have a way that works for me and my family.

Goals for 2016?

Move; Move; Have a baby; Move; Move; Buy another car.

What’s your favourite activity to do with your child/children?

Baking. We bake a lot in our house and the kids love it. I do not mind the mess, so when they are having fun and messing all over that it the time I enjoy the most.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up 10 metres away from where I live now. 4 years ago my parents built me a house on their property so I never had to move far.

How did you come up with your blog name?

Actually I did not come up with a name on my own, Coral-Leigh the Cupcakemummy helped me with it. I have a shoe addiction, I love platforms and in all colours and styles. I was and sometimes can be seen at kids parties or on farms in 6inch heals.

Tell us something that NO ONE else knows about you?

I have a very open blog so there is not much or if anything that NO ONE else knows about me. I can promise you whatever I list here at least 3 of my friends will text me to let me know they knew this already. So what I think NO ONE knows about the fact that I am drawing a blank.

And lastly, tell us how becoming a mother has changed you……..

It has changed my life completely. I love being a mother and I will never ever want to change a thing. If I could I would stop my children from ageing so that I can be a mom to little ones just a while longer.

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