To touch on  my post ‘Meat’ – som mans is varke!!!!
This bra… seriously #psshhnigga
I honestly don’t know what it is but guys (boys?) just seem to think it’s ok to objectify me…..and yes this post is a rant and all about me 🙂 #jyweetmos
Joking or not,it’s not funny.
Is it coz I’m so chilled?
Is it coz I just couldn’t fuckin care….. coz I know its not gonna happen
Is it coz my friendiless is mistaken for flirtation?
Firstly,it’s offensive
Secondly,who the fuck do you think you are
Thirdly, what the fuck do you think of me
I am not desperate – far fuckin from it bru
How’s about treating me with respect? I’m sure you’d want your mother/daughter/cousin/niece to be treated with respect.
It just irks me so much and I guess you just carry on because I don’t have time to teach you how to treat a GROWN ASS woman.

You need to know where you stand with me. You need to know what is allowed and what isnt allowed. We are not ‘besties’ or ‘bf and gf’. I am not your ‘bae’. Hard fuckin concept to understand? Then go back to grade school and get taught!
This world doesnt need another random perverted stalker like weirdo!

It’s simple – show me some respect and maybe you’ll get a bit further than a text.

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