Love…….it’s an issue that irks me especially where ‘youngsters’ are concerned.
I’m a regular Facebooker and it doesn’t take me long to scroll through my newsfeed and see dozens of young people inlove,and it’s instant love. The kind of love that happens overnight (I ain’t saying there is anything wrong with it) and basically just stays for that night. Like this week it’s one person, queue break up and then probably less than a month later, there’s someone else. And it’s all ‘I love you blah blah’. Now, I’m not jelly, I am just more prone to being realistic and being a single mother I don’t really have a choice. Dammit I wish I could also just love every Tom,Dick and Harry……sometimes a Sally 🙂 I am just wondering why?! Is it so easy to just fall inlove after a week or less? Are you just falling inlove with the honeymoon phase, the cuteness that hasn’t showcased the crazy? I’m not knocking it, I’ve tried it but how is it genuine or long lasting if it’s a different someone every other month. I get it though, it’s easier to be inlove than inlike. In today’s society, everything is rushed and it’s best to jump on the train before it leaves the station. Why do you love though? What is it about that person that makes you wanna say I LOVE YOU after 3 days?! No harm in love – its all good. It releases some kinda endorphins right?

Go ahead – get on that train. I’ll just stand on the platform for now.

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